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  • Birthday: 23 June 1972
  • Website: www.pellegrinoprincipe.com
  • City: Rome, ITALY
  • Age: 49
  • Email: thp1972@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

Chief Software Developer and IT Researcher at the "Drappello Analisi e Studi della Sezione E-Government del Comando Generale della Guardia di Finanza" of Rome.

I'm technical writer for important Information Technology magazines such as ioProgrammo and programmazione.it and in the past I wrote articles for other magazines such as Linux Magazine and Computer Programming.

I am author for Apogeo Editore of several books about the main programming languages and web technologies.

I do lectures and seminars on programming languages.

I write prototypes of video games in Unity, just for fun!


HTML5 100%
CSS3 100%
JavaScript 100%
jQuery 100%
JSP/Servlet 50%
PHP 50%
Java 100%
C# 100%


Game Programming



Science Fiction


I decided to buy it in order to deepen my knowledge of java to version 11 (I was stopped at 7). I confirm that it is not a book for newbies, or at least who buys it as a starting point must at least integrate with another book simpler and accompanied by exercises to become familiar with programming. I recently received the book and I read all of chapter 1 and my impression was quite positive. The author uses a fairly polished and technical language, proving his competence and mastery of the subject. Definitely a good purchase for those who want to deepen java, not to start.



Although I have not read the whole book so far and can therefore only give a partial opinion, I must say that it exactly meets expectations and can be used both as a didactic text (not really for beginners) and as a reference manual. The topics are dealt with in a fairly comprehensive and clear manner, even the subjects that from my point of view have always been difficult, I found well exposed.



A clear book, easy to consult and suitable for both those who are new to web programming and those who have some knowledge of it. As a beginner in the world of web programming has been very useful to take the first steps and understand the basic dynamics. Of course there are many free manuals on the net, but few can offer such clarity and ease of use. Then I may be nostalgic ... but the printed paper has another charm. I would recommend it to all those who are about to enter this world, whether they are totally inexperienced or have a programming background.



A clear text, right from the cover. It requires from the reader an almost ascetic motivation, denying him not a few stimuli with respect to what a language like C#, with all the ecosystem it brings with it, is capable of doing. I enjoyed chapter 20, on LINQ, and the code available online is very well organised and clear, with projects ready to open in Visual Studio. To emphasise again how 'institutional', almost academic, the book appears, it has a chapter 7 on Object Based Programming, and a chapter 8 on Object Oriented Programming. Still a worthwhile read...




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Pellegrino Principe

Experienced software developer, I love all c-like programming languages. I am currently developing mainly web and mobile applications, and I am strongly interested in developing video games, which I currently program in Unity. I also have a passion for writing programming books and in the past I have written many best-sellers for Apogeo.

  • Rome, ITALY
  • www.pellegrinoprincipe.com
  • thp1972@gmail.com

Professional Experience

Senior Software Developer

2005 - Present

Guardia di Finanza, Rome, IT

I currently lead a small team of software developers, defining, for the projects assigned to me, both the strictly design part and the more explicitly practical part, as well as contributing to the writing of the code, which I consider to be an absolutely essential activity and one I am very passionate about.

Lecturer in Programming Languages

2007 - Present

Guardia di Finanza, Rome, IT

I train staff who have to undertake the delicate and complex task of software developer, with a comprehensive course of learning the major programming languages and modern web application development techniques. Occasionally I also train external staff from other companies.

IT Researcher

2010 - Present

Guardia di Finanza, Rome, IT

As a member of the "Drappello Analisi e Studi della Sezione E-Government", I study and investigate all aspects of the varied and complex world of software development, with particular attention to the evolution of programming languages.

Book Author

2010 - Present

Apogeo Editore, Milan, IT

I write books on the most important programming languages for a major professional textbook publisher.

Junior Software Developer

2000 - 2005

Guardia di Finanza, Rome, IT


Prepare for Unity Certification

April, 2021


Unity Junior Programmer

February, 2021


Unity Essentials Pathway

January, 2021


The Complete Unity Game Development Course

October, 2020


Mathematics for Computer Games Development

August, 2020


Guide to Animation in Unity

June, 2020


Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D

February, 2019



Sviluppare App Multipiattaforma con Xamarin

  • Overnet Education

ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

  • Minerva Sapiens

Web Design and Web Accessibility

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

MOC 10776 - Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

  • Microsoft Partner Silver Learning

MOC 10972 - Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server

  • Minerva Sapiens

MOC2788 – Designing a High Availability Database Solutions using SQL Server 2005

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

MOC6427 – Implementing and Administering IIS 7.0

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Maintaining a MS SQL Server 2008 Database

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Programmazione in linguaggio C#

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Tecniche di programmazione con Silverlight 2

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Teoria di database relazionali

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Amministratore sistemi informativi dipartimentali su sistemi Windows

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Approfondimento del Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Design and Implementing OLAP Solution with Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications (Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0)

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner


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